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Wedding Skirts Types and Styles

Classification of wedding skirt designs.

A skirt is a crucial part of an outfit, usually defining the overall look and feel of a wedding gown.

Modern designers offer many options for skirts. Different designs can be achieved by combining between the styles.

We prepared a cheat sheet of the most popular and fundamental wedding skirt types and styles.

Full / Ball / Princess Skirt

princess wedding skirt
princess ball gown

It is used in the classic version of a wedding dress and usually comes with a corset top. The splendor of the skirt is maintained and adjusted with rings on the petticoat.

Overskirt / detachable skirt

detachable removable skirt
detachable skirt
removable skirt
overskirt dress

An interesting solution that will allow you to combine 2 options for skirts in one dress, so you can surprise guests with an unexpected transformation. The fixation line is draped with ribbons, bows, lace or decorated with sequins and beads.

Straight long skirt

straight wedding skirt
Source: Milla Nova

A simple and elegant option that can be enhanced with additional accessories if desired.

Slit skirt

slit skirt
Source: Kuraje Wedding Dresses
slit wedding skirt
Source: okbridal

This option is for young women who want to emphasize the slimness of their legs. The incision can be located on the side, in the middle, or asymmetrical.

Transparent skirt

transparent wedding skirt
Source: MeaMarie Bridal Atelier

Great for summer weddings. The transparency of the skirt is regulated by lace, beads or sequins.

Trumpet / Fishtail skirt

trumpet wedding skirt
fishtail skirt
Source: always-elegant-bridal

Option with a tight-fitting top and a tapered skirt that turns into a flared skirt from the knee or mid-thigh. With this style, you can emphasize the line of the hips and abdomen.

Flounced skirt / skirt with ruffles

flounced skirt
Source: Madeline Gardner
skirt with ruffles

The cascade of ruffles creates an airy, delicate and romantic look. Plumps the hips and emphesize the waist.

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Dec 13, 2023

Very informative 🤍


Dec 06, 2023

Very valuable resource. Thank you for sharing.


Dec 06, 2023

I like the different types of skirt and the definitions.

very informative

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