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Female Body Shapes Classification

What wedding dress should you choose for your body type and why?

While preparing for the most important celebration you probably have an idea of ​​how your wedding dress should look like. But so that dreams coincide with reality, we have compiled for you a small cheat sheet that will help you choose a style.

The gown must be comfortable for moving, dancing, taking pictures, sitting and just being around in it all day long.

The style can correspond to the concept of the wedding and the location, or it can break all stereotypes. In my opinion, when choosing a dress, it is much more important to take into account the body shape and the age-related changes, if any.

The hourglass body type, has a proportional shape of the shoulders, bust and hips with a pronounced waist. I recommend that you pay attention to the dress style with a tight neckline, a soft skirt flowing along the hips and emphasizing the waist.

The shape "triangle" or "pear" has a feminine and sophisticated shape: gentle shoulders, smooth curves of the waist, pronounced hips. To balance the upper and lower body, hide the hips and accentuate the waist, try to avoid thin straps and deep square necklines.

The "inverted triangle" is characterized by broad shoulders or normal shoulders, but a lush chest and narrow hips. To balance them and emphasize slender legs, you can pay attention to dresses with thin straps and bare shoulders, v-necklines and low-waisted styles will also look great. But it is better to avoid flounces and voluminous ruffles.

The "rectangle" body type often includes athletic people. Typically, women of this type have a lean physique and not very large bust. The ratio of shoulders, bust, waist and hips is almost the same, without pronounced curves. This type is suitable for straight models of dresses and elongated ones, with a slight flare at the bottom.

The "apple" or "round" body type has full legs, hips, belly and arms that are often concealed. In this case, you can emphasize the dignity of the bust with a deep neckline or v-neckline. Also, dresses with a high waist will look amazing.

Enjoy and have a great wedding!

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