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The Ultimate Neckline Guide

All types of neckline classification for wedding dresses.

Choosing a perfect neckline (decolte) for a wedding dress is a big deal for any bride. It's important to choose it according to the body and face type of a bride, because the wrong chosen decolte may ruin the look, but the right one will bring the dress to the next level!

As a designer, while consulting your client or creating a bridal collection, it is crucial to understand how a neckline will complement the look.

Therefore we created this convenient cheat sheet and reviews for ALL the neckline types.

And now let's review every type of neckline and see which one you should choose for a perfect look that fits your face and body.

V-Neck neckline

v-neck neckline

Visually lengthens the neck and face.

Great for: everyone, but especially those with wide shoulders or a short neck and with a wide, round or square face shape, as it visually lengthens the face.

Be careful with large bust. If a high neckline - it may appear like saggy breasts, a deep neckline might look a bit vulgar.

Sweetheart neckline

sweetheart neckline

✅ Great for narrow shoulders, short neck, medium / large bust, round / oval face.

Doesn't fit: square, cheeky face, small bust, broad shoulders.

Square neckline

square neckline

Lengthens the neck and widens the shoulders. This shape of the neckline is perfect for owners of a round face, which balances the roundness.

Full arms, square face and pronounced cheekbones - will accentuate angular features.

Asymmetric neckline

Asymmetry is suitable for almost all types of figures. It distracts from the disadvantages and emphasizes all the good stuff.

Bardot neckline

bardot neckline

Short neck, full arms, square face, narrow shoulders

Broad shoulders, round face.

Cold Shoulder neckline

cold shoulder neckline

A versatile cut that suits everyone. Wide falling straps compensate for the fullness of the arms, thin straps stretch up the neck, a moderate cut reduces large bust and enlarges small ones. The complex shape of the upper cut suits any type of face.

Cowl neckline

cowl neckline

A winning cut for any body type. Visually corrects bust: it will reduce a large one, enlarge a small one.

Deep neckline

deep neckline

Great for small bust - visually increases, Broad shoulders - visually reduces.

Square, round face.

Not recommended for narrow shoulders, sloping shoulders, short neck, large bust.

Grecian neckline

grecian neckline

Draws attention to the neck and shoulders.

Good for all face types, all types of shoulders.

Not suitable for girls with a short full neck.

Halter strap neckline

halter strap neckline

Halter straps are great for showing off shoulders and drawing attention to the face and neck.

Suitable for all face types, visually lengthens the arms and lifts the shoulders. Looks best on medium to full bust.

Halter neckline

halter neckline

Visually expands the shoulders, shortens the neck.

Suitable for all face types, narrow shoulders, sloping shoulders, small bust.

Doesn't fit: broad shoulders, large bust, full arms.

Jewel neckline

jewel neckline

The jewel neckline style fits almost everyone.

Not recommended for sloping, narrow shoulders, short neck, round face.

Illusion neckline

illusion neckline

Looks great for any bust size including large bust, any type of face.

Not recommended for broad shoulders.

Plunge neckline

plunge neckline

Square, round face, short neck, narrow shoulders, small bust.

❌ Large bust, broad shoulders.

Queen Anne neckline

queen anne neckline

This silhouette is considered the most classic and is suitable for any type of face, neck, shoulders and arms.

Sabrina / Slash neckline / Boat neck

slash neckline sabrina

This style shortens the neck, widens the shoulders.

Suitable: narrow shoulders, sloping shoulders, oval / round face, long neck. This neckline is recommended for those with large hips.

Doesn't fit: square face, broad shoulders, large bust, full arms, short neck.

Scoop neckline

scoop neckline

Visually lengthens the neck and face.

Suitable for: everyone, but especially those with wide shoulders or a short neck.

A low cut neckline will suit those with a wide, round or square face, as well as those with a large bust.

Conversely, a medium cut is not recommended for these types.

For petite girls, a medium or deep neckline is best suited - it will balance the proportions of the body.

Spaghetti strap neckline

spaghetti strap neckline

Thin straps are suitable for almost any body type. When choosing a style, it is more important to pay attention to the shape of the neckline of the dress.

Thin straps have a purely decorative function, they do not correct the figure, because they are almost invisible. But they can add tenderness and sexuality to any look.

Straight neckline

straight neckline

This neckline suits many body types, but is especially suitable for women with wide shoulders.

Not recommended with narrow shoulders.

Turtleneck neckline

Suitable for all shoulders and all face types. Small / medium bust, full arms.

Doesn't fit: large bust, short neck.

Wrap over neckline

wrap over neckline

Great for those with narrow shoulders - visually expands. Owners of a wide, round or square face shape, as it visually lengthens the face and the neck.

❌ Not recommended with strongly sloping shoulders. Will accentuate the shoulders.

That's our ultimate neckline types review! Enjoy it and use it in your work!

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