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Choosing a PERFECT wedding dress. Types, styles and classification of wedding gowns.

Choosing a wedding dress for your body shape.

Every bride wants to look amazing on one of the most important days of her life! It's is an important task for every young woman.

But how do you cope with this challenge and find the truly perfect wedding dress?

The search and selection should be deliberate and consider:

  • Body shape,

  • the style and concept of the wedding celebration,

  • the temperament of the bride.

We, at the Corset Academy, have prepared a cheat sheet for brides and bridal designers, to will help choose the right style of dress for complimenting the body and protect from making mistakes, as well as save time and effort during exciting preparations!

Now let look at the major wedding dress styles in detail.

Ball gown wedding dress

ball gown wedding dress
Source: Charlotte's Weddings

A classic and iconic gown design - every princess's dream. One of the most versatile and popular models.

Distinctive features - a fluffy skirt, the top is often a corset.

It will look amazing on an hourglass figure, as well as on girls with narrow shoulders and beautiful rounded hips.

Not recommended for short curvy girls, because it will visually add volume, increase in size and decrease growth.

A-line wedding dress

A-line wedding dress
Source: Pnina Tornai

A-line wedding dress style will fit any body shape!

A distinctive feature of this design is that it resembles the letter "A" in shape, the skirt smoothly expands to the bottom. The waistline can be in place or slightly raised. Such a dress visually corrects the figure, reducing the hips and emphasizing the waist.

Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dress
Source: Pronovias

An incredibly popular style of the dress due to the fitted top and the tight-fitting skirt flared at the knee level, reminiscent of a mermaid tail. A dress of this design is sewn according to the client's body. Will look amazing on "hourglass" body shape. But it does not correct the figure, therefore, it will look less advantageous on young women with "rectangle" or "round" body shape.

Trumpet wedding dress

Trumpet wedding dress
Source: Galia Lahav

It is very similar in silhouette to the Mermaid dress style, but the flaring of the skirt starts higher.

The top of the dress follows the curves of the body. A flared skirt might vary from moderate to very fluffy. A long train looks very impressive.

This style is great for the "hourglass" body type. It will look less flattering on the "rectangle" and "apple" body shapes.

Sheath (Column) wedding dress

sheath column wedding dress
Source: Rosa Clara

Due to the peculiarities of the cut, the sheath dress visually adds height and lengthens the silhouette. This style is well suited for slender brides with "classic" proportions, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure. If you need to highlight the waist, use a wide belt or top. Not recommended for brides with narrow shoulders and wide hips.

Empire wedding dress

Empire wedding dress
Source: Ronald Joyce

This style is fits for brides of any height, it will hide the fullness of the legs, hips and abdomen.

A perfect style for pregnant brides: a loose skirt made of lightweight fabric will not restrict movements. If you want to add volume to a small bust, then you can add drapery. Large bust can be visually reduced with a square neckline.

Tea-length wedding dress (vintage / retro style)

tea-length wedding dress
Source: Ellis Bridal

This style is worth choosing if you want to showcase slender legs.

If you choose short length dress, it is recommended to design the upper part of the garment.

Rustic wedding dress

rustic boho wedding dress
Source: Zinnia

Rustic dresses are simple and natural, with a minimum of embellishments. Outwardly, they have something in common with gowns in the Empire style: a fitted top that turns into a light skirt. But the main difference is that the rustic style dresses are characterized by a long translucent sleeve. The skirt can be of any length. These dresses are made of thin, flowing materials and can be decorated with embroidery and beads.

Suitable for brides with any body shape.

Boho wedding dress

boho wedding dress

Boho style dresses are sewn from semi-natural or natural fabrics, have a simple cut, are loose in shape, and are decorated with a large amount of elements.

Wedding dresses in this style are very comfortable and do not restrict the movements. The veil is often replaced with wreaths, pearl threads, ribbons, and headbands.

A very popular and recognizable style that will suit brides with any body type.

Baby-doll wedding dress

baby doll wedding dress
Source: Inbal Dror

Baby doll wedding dresses are distinguished by a fluffy skirt with a high waist and a bodice (often with thin straps or full sleeves).

This cut is not recommended for elder women and for plus size body shape, as it can add volume to the waist and hips.

Will look amazing on young slender brides.

If you want to learn how to make these kind of dresses and many others, check out our premium learning program Corset Academy VIP.

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