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"Tutorials are clear and easy to follow!"

Hello Tatyana and the team!

I have been sewing for a long time, mostly ordinary clothes and stage costumes. And one day, probably about 8 years ago, a client asked me: "Do you sew wedding dresses?" .I say "No". Then I thought, why don't I sew them? And then I began to dig the Internet and I saw Tatiana and everything, as they say, "disappeared." It's like a different world for me! I bought a lot of lessons, slowly mastered the technology! You can listen to Tatiana for hours and immerse yourself in the world of beautiful dresses! Tutorials are clear and easy to follow! The first brides have arrived! And it went! And the automatic table is generally from the world of fantasy. Convinced on clients more than once. that if you follow the instructions, everything will fit perfectly!

Tatiana, thank you very much!

You just changed my world!.

I'm looking forward to many more useful lessons from you!

Oksana Tretiakova


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