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"I made a prom dress for my daughter and her friends already asked me to make their dresses too!"

I have joined your courses during Covid, and spent many hours watching, and taking notes.

I started using the basic principles on dresses for friends and for my daughter, now 18.

So this year, I made her matric farewell dress with the basic corset pattern, and first used a AA cup on a sample dress.

I increased the cup size to an A and used boning in the cup, because she likes a more "flat" cup.

We got fabric at a local fabric shop, and did not know how I will stitch with it, since I have a domestic Bernina sewing machine.

The fabric is a bit stiff and there was the possibility of scratching her under her arm. I used the main fabric on the outside and covered the pattern piece under her arm with a thin mesh layer to prevent scratching.

You couldn't even see it. I lined it with two layers of mesh. I also added thin plastic bones, but replaced it with the sewable white boning which I covered with lining. It was more sturdy for the soft mesh panels.

I added a skirt with a slit on the middle of her right leg, A-lined skirt at front.

Not a slit on the side seam, like you advised on your videos. I added a fishtail skirt at back, but the side seam was also A-line skirt like you advised your video.

It came out amazing and she loved it!

She got so many compliments and the girls already asked me to make their dresses for next year!


Joda Niemand, South Africa



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