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"Believe me, this year was a game changer for me!"

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Greta, I'm from Lithuania, it's only a bit over a year since I am a member of your talented Dressmaking Academy community. Believe me, this year was a game changer for me!

First of all, ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to create beautiful gowns when I grow up and your courses gave me the knowledge and information on how to do so. Also, it helped me to follow my heart.

Just as I applied for the membership of the Dressmaking Academy I got engaged. "Voilà! my first bridal gown will be my own wedding dress" I thought, but my actual first client was my dear friend, who came to me and trusted me to create her wedding dress. The dress was all from separates: a puff sleeve organza top with an open back, removable full-circle skirt (and another shorter half-circle skirt) and full-length plus size corset. To be honest, it was quite a challenge, but I followed your instructions and made my very first custom-made corset which came out perfect on my first try and no adjustments were needed!

Then I started working on my own wedding dress. I made a half-scale dress-form and a mock-up dress first, all according to your lessons. I carefully followed your instructions on how to make a full sweep skirt with circular folds and a train, a petticoat, a fabric casing and a perfect fit corset top - and so my main wedding dress was born, 100% made by me.

For a second dress, I chose a laced gown with a full length cupped corset, fishtail skirt and removable


I also made full-length corset dresses for my sister and mother. For my sister - an off-shoulder dress with fishtail skirt. For my mother - a draped off-shoulder dress with flowy skirt. We all looked gorgeous!

After the celebration I created some more wedding dresses and decided - I'm not going to stop! Why should I? I have everything I need - your amazing lessons not only about the technical sewing process but about business as well. In fact, I am planning to open my own bridal gown salon and by now I have some more wedding dress orders for next year. It is all thanks to you, your team and inspiring members. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for inspiration, help and support.

Greta Skripkauskaitė, Lithuania



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