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"Today I own an atelier and the embroidery school, but all started from…"

Victoria Boyko

Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

"I became well known among the designers when I began doing embroidery and decoration for wedding dresses. I do that since 1999. In 2005 it became my business project.

Initially I engaged in belly dancing and I needed high-end costumes for the contests. It was very hard to find a good quality garments and I had no choice, but to make it myself. Later I began to receive orders from the clients, first they asked me just to make the copy of my garments, and now mostly my clients come with their own ideas and I make the true.

That's how my hobby became a profitable profession. But I felt that in order to perfect my costumes, I need to acquire additional knowledge, sewing methods and techniques. Mostly regarding quilted cups for my costumes which are sewn in the same technique like corset cups.

That's how I came across Corset Academy, I learned a lot: how to sew a cup, how to alter the pattern, how to cut a cup, how to sew in the boning and how to achieve perfect fit to the first fitting test. I was surprised, that everything works great from the first try! I realized that I was in the right place.

Today I own an atelier (besides belly dance costumes today we produce wedding gowns as well) and I founded the embroidery school SalimaStyle. I have students all over the world including Italy, Germany, Poland, Israel and more.

Often I get invited to the workshops all over Russia, I'm a speaker on many online conferences and I teach in Saint-Petersburg, where I live and work.

I very grateful to the Corset Academy for the huge impact in my development!

Check out Victoria's Instagram account - @embroideryboiko



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