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"The most creative and excited part is the boning and padding process"

I joined Dressmaking Academy last year in order to learn all about corsets, bridal and evening wear, I enjoyed every second listening ,watching and learning through tutorials.

Tutorials are put in a very easy and detailed instructions that any beginner can follow, I realized that it is easy to have a perfect piece if the instructions are followed exactly as mentioned .

In order to make the blue lace dress ,I watched all the courses then decided to focus on the wedding and evening dresses ( the essential program), wedding skirts course and the cupped dress course ( I followed the boning and padding method in this course ) ,in addition to the instructions mentioned in how to use the lace fabric in order to trace ,cut ,decorate and glue or hand stitch it to the main fabric.

Whenever I had questions or face complications I emailed Tatiana and she was very responsive and answered my questions clearly.

The most creative and excited part is the boning and padding process, I love how the upper body turns into a corset that hug and shape the body in a very beautiful way, also I liked the cutting, appliquéing and decorating the lace creating a lovely design over the satin body and the detachable sleeves cape

I am so satisfied with the result ,my client was super happy and every one talked about how perfect her dress was.

I couldn’t make it without the corset academy tutorials, it opens a lot of opportunities for me, I have a lot of bridal and evening orders to come from people who appreciate the custom made pieces and wish to own one and I make it possible for them in my boutique in my small city (Halifax,NS),I am so excited and can’t wait to start them.

Before I start any new project I always go back and watch the tutorials to decide what is the right course for that piece and this is my advice for new members because there is too many courses and all of them is essential to the bridal and evening fashion.

Thank you Tatiana for making my learning journey exciting , lovely and creative .

Basma Elkhateeb




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