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"The ideas I had gotten from the courses I was able to produce my graduation project"

Kem Fadez,


I have been sewing for four years now, I started learning how to sew in 2015

I learned about the Corset Academy from YouTube in 2016. I was browsing at random how to sew when I was aspiring to learn how to sew, then I was an absolute novice, in searching I came across the academy videos which had about three free videos of most of the courses, I was amazed at the finished product and wanted to know how it was made so I google the website and signed up.

The academy gave me the confidence that I had a chance to learn, so I started by using the videos to practice the possible outcomes where I was able to produce dress 1.

Furthermore, I was opportune to learn about the fish tale décor in the mermaid wedding skirt, also. When the premium dress course was uploaded I got the newsletter in my email. I learned how to design the pattern style which helped me to create my own patterns for my graduation project in a local polytechnic in Nigeria, where I did my diploma.

So with the ideas I had gotten from the premium dress videos, the mermaid wedding skirt I was able to produce my graduation project.

I was also able to produce design three using the technique in corset with three part quilted cups, structured wedding skirt, the decor technique in dress with bare skin effect and premium dress styling.

The academy has helped me absolutely a lot.

I was challenged with how to make good dresses for a very long time until I came across the academy videos courses. Many times, I wanted to give up but determination kept me going.

My skills, Techniques and outcomes improved drastically from using the academy services.

My proudest feeling about my achievements is how I got better so quickly with the tricks and techniques I had no idea of how I was going to learn them with just a little dedication to the right source (the Corset Academy).



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