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"Sewing wedding dresses was always my dream!"

Vera Merkulova,

Saratov, Russia.

Vera started her carrier as seamstress back in 2013. After the birth of her second child, she finished the fashion studies in a local college and began sewing casual clothing (such as shirts, skirts and dresses).

"I managed to earn some money, but the income was minimal and it was clear, that I won't be able to go on like this" - Vera says.

"One day, accidentally, I ran into one of Tatiana Kozorovitksy's interviews about wedding industry and sewing wedding dresses. That was my dream, but back then I couldn't afford the Corset Academy courses. So I subscribed to the free tutorials.

Just before the New Year's celebration I got an order from the client for an evening dress, which I made after studying free tutorials.

The client was very happy!

Right after this I could afford the Wedding Dresses sewing course… that was a revelation! These quilted cups! I began to pull the fishing nets to shape the boning… that was hard! (beginners will understand!) I started taking more orders".

But the real action began after this order:

Vera's client celebrated her wedding in Dominican Republic, and brought amazing wedding photos.

After that she began to take expensive orders for prom dresses, evening dresses and, of course, wedding dresses.

Today Vera owns the boutique atelier and this is just a beginning!

Check out her Instagram account - @merkulova_modelier



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