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"I recreated Taylor Swift costume and at the show in March even got a wink from Taylor herself!"

I made my first corset using the Dressmaking Academy corset pattern and video tutorials just under a year ago. Having only some basic sewing knowledge at the time, I was nervous but so proud of my end result. Tatiana's thorough explanations made what would have been daunting into a fun and very educational experience.

This first corset was made so I could practice the techniques of corset making in order to create my vision of what I wanted to wear to this year's Taylor Swift Eras Tour. I knew I wanted to recreate a Taylor Swift costume look from 2019 and was able to again use Tatiana's incredible course to make the concert look of my dreams. I've never been more proud to wear something before. I got so many compliments at the show in March and even a wink from Taylor herself during the performance!

I just recently finished my latest project using your courses and tutorials: a gorgeous vintage-inspired fairy dress. I was able to modify the existing corset pattern to change some of the style-lines and was thrilled with how beautifully it came out. I can't wait to wear it to a party or gala in the near-future.

Tatiana's Dressmaking Academy has truly given me a passion for corsetry and dressmaking and has enriched my life since I found it. I love to turn on the tutorials to exercise my mind and my creativity. Thank you for the amazing content and for the life-long gift of this new skill.

Kind regards,

Jessica Resendez



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