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"I'm the only one who makes corsets within the range of about 1000 km!"

Coming across Dressmaking Academy (Corset Academy) was honestly one of my best moments in life. As a young lady with so much enthusiasm for fashion, I knew I had come to the peak of my career.

Going through the courses, I discovered the uniqueness which was absent in other online courses.

My greatest challenge was in the calculation for pattern alterations. In order to overcome this challenge, I tried to understand, assimilate, and finally I discovered an easier way to go about it which is a major breakthrough for me and one of my proudest moments.

Dressmaking Academy has indeed broadened my view about fashion in the sense that I never had the hope of making modern day apparels of which today, I can beat my chest and proudly say that I am the only person in my vicinity (within the range of about 1000sq kilometres) that makes corset. Thanks to Tatiana Kozorovitsky!

Ebele Anazodo




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