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"I gained faith in my own power!"

My name is Mariana, a student of the Dressmaking Academy (Corset Academy).

Sewing has always been my favorite hobby. When I arrived in Canada many years ago, I had to start life from scratch. In the past, an economist, then I decided to do what I always loved - sewing.

I was very lucky that I became a student of the Dressmaking Academy, that I was attracted at one time by the unusual, bright and bright energy of Tatiana Kozorovitsky, believed and trusted her as a teacher.

It was thanks to the Academy that I gained real wealth and success. Money - it's just a side effect of your wealth. For me, wealth is something that cannot disappear, no one can take it away from you, even in such a time of chaos in which we live today. What did I gain thanks to the Dressmaking Academy?

I gained faith in my own power! Lessons are built so competently, clearly, in detail that even a beginner is able to overcome any difficulties and get an excellent result from the first corset! When I was afraid to take on something difficult, I looked at the corsets and dresses I had already created, and immediately faith and confidence in my strength came. And everything worked out!

Thanks to Dressmaking Academy, I overcame the fear of expressing myself to the world. What I gain in this school helps me to manifest to the world not like everyone else, like the average mass. As a side effect, not average clients come to you, but those who value individuality and uniqueness.

My wealth is also the quality of my energy. Thanks to the Dressmaking Academy, my work has become a real pleasure, it brings me joy from the process itself!

Thanks to the skills, experience, and extraordinary knowledge that I received, I can make my small contribution to the development of Peace and Goodness on our beautiful planet.

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to Tatiana Kozorovitsky!

Mariana Babara




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