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"I can do dresses for Haute Couture runways!"

Last year i was able to be part of Mrs. Tatiana's Dressmaking Academy course and it was the best investment i could ever done. The amount of experience Mrs Tatiana share with us is unbelievable. I'm extremely happy with all the results i was able to do.

In addition to sharing my dresses with the corset construction and crinolines, this time I want to show something different that i was able to learn here.

The embroidery.

I have always been a fan of haute couture, and my dream finally came true when i was able to said to myself,

I can do a dress like on the haute couture runways, and that's all by this amazing course. I want to show here how my abilities when high. This is a dress i did for my graduation project, a full embroidery dress.

Thank you.

Daniel Villalobos

Costa Rica



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