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"I began as a common seamstress and now I own a studio"

Tatiana Demidko

Kiev, Ukraine.

I got into fashion design at the age of 21. I began working at home as a common sewer. My first clients were my mom, sister, granny and someone's aunt… Later my works were seen by my friends…

Today I'm a well-known fashion designer. I do the styling for my client, pattern drafting, order the fabrics and sew the garments.

But I've gone a long way. And it would be much harder if I wouldn't come across Corset Academy. I became Tatiana's client only after a year; first I looked closely, studied all the free courses and tutorial. Then I decided to purchase an ebook… And only after that started video courses.

Today I learned almost all the courses. Tatiana Kozorovitsky changed my life, and she keeps changing it. Now I can say with confidence "I can make a gown of any degree of complexity!"

3 years after discovering Corset Academy, for the first time I began thinking about opening my own atelier. Today I own a studio, participate in variety of fashion shows and spend a lot of time in Dubai, where I have a lot of work and fashion studies.

Since 2016 I teach fashion courses at the popular online fashion school I'm a wanted expert and I feel great satisfaction from contributing to the society.

I'm sure, that everything is possible if you are really passionate about it. And it's much easier to do with the right mentor along the way!



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