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"Essentially, all the dresses were done remotely."

With gratitude for the opportunity to showcase my work in your club, where I've been a member for exactly a year.

I mustered the courage to participate in the show. My daughter and I sewed without a model, relying only on three measurements and height. Essentially, it was done remotely, just like all the other models.

A corset with a separate cup. Remote tailoring based on three measurements and height for the show. Your concise courses allow for quick access to information without sacrificing quality of work.

A separate cup. Underbust corset based on a dress with a separate cup. I've been running a small atelier for 5 years. I've been on disability for 7 years, and only this allowed me to engage in my beloved work. Sewing is my life! My daughter Arina is the designer; our creations are a collaborative effort using all the stock pieces of fabric, with the foundation being the Dressmaking Academy.

Corset and skirt. Corset with reliefs and an integrated cup. The deep neckline is sculpted from a corset with reliefs. The construction holds its shape well. It was tailored based on measurements, without a model.

In September 2022, I joined the Dressmaking Academy, and by June 2023, we were already participating in the show. My daughter is the designer, she's 23 years old, and I'm preparing for modeling at the age of 55.

Your academy, Tatiana, is an immense treasure trove of information! And this is only my 6th lesson!

This is the first dress I've sewn following the pattern with a separate cup. It gave me the impetus to participate in the show. Out of 7 dresses, 6 were sewn using your patterns and courses. You've inspired me to continue learning and creating beauty.

Olga Maksimenko



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