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"Dressmaking Academy has helped me unlock another side of my creativity!"

Before I found Dressmaking Academy, I was a mostly self taught seamstress, I spent six years learning to sew while getting less than desirable results. I was determined to make a change so I purchased a year subscription to Dressmaking Academy in the hopes that I could learn corsetry and bring some of my designs to life.

The Dressmaking Essentials course was organized and effective, filled with tips and tricks that could only be gained from a lifetime of experience. It was easy to follow along and the garments started simple and got a little more complex as the lessons progressed. I was pleased to see that my confidence and skills increased with every lesson.

Initially, I watched step by step as I sewed along, but I realized that I gained the most understanding when I followed along while taking notes first, and watched a second time as I worked side by side with the videos.

Dressmaking Academy has helped me unlock another side of my creativity as I now have the skills to complement the ideas.

I am most proud of my ability to understand the calculations necessary to alter patterns. I found myself intimidated by the numbers, but it became more clear with every project. By the start of the final dress lesson, everything made sense.

What I have gained:

-understanding what it takes to create a good dress foundation

-patience in working with thick and delicate fabrics

-a new perspective of cutting, the importance of precision

-a new understanding of the importance of ironing

-knowledge of what should be in an atelier, how to structure my day, how to lead, how to set up a boutique and how I should approach my work professionally.

-Above all, I have gained more self belief maturity, and access to a lifetime of tips, tricks and skills that will allow me to get one step closer to realizing my dreams.

Thank you,

LaMica Ariana USA



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