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"The first order for a dress to a friend"

Hello, Tatiana. An electric and gas welder from the small town of Krasny Kholm in the Tver region is writing to you.

All the time I wanted to create beautiful things, sew corsets, decorate and embroider them by hand.

Even as a child, I cut curtains to dress toy soldiers. After leaving school, I wanted to go to professional studies, but my plans were not destined to come true.

I am an orphan. I wasn't 18 yet. My older brother submitted my documents to the school. So I became a welder.

For many years, voluntarily and involuntarily, I did not let this idea out of my head.

And then I accidentally came across your website when I was looking for a school or sewing courses.

I liked your presentation. And for a person who does not know how to do anything, it was the video lessons that were important. I liked the little nuance that no one else had. This is a small list of materials that you will need for work, fabrics, accessories that I would not have thought of.

From the beginning it was difficult and scary.

In general, changing my whole life radically is always stressful, and I decided. I bought the first course. I repeated in detail after you everything in one in one and was very surprised by my result.

All this was my little secret until I bought a few more courses and received the first order for a dress to a friend (I did not even take money from her and was very afraid to ruin everything).

And only after your words in the lessons I understood and realized that I needed to act.

I moved to Moscow, got accepted in the State University. A.N. Kosygin. Art, Technology, Design. It was your lessons and your patterns and the way to alter them that helped me quickly delve into the sewing process and helped make a splash at the graduation show. So my red diploma (highest award) is partly your merit.

Zholobov Alexander




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