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Make Emma Stone's Oscars Dress DIY. The sewing techniques review by Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Emma Stone appeared on the red carpet 96th Academy Awards like a mermaid emerging from sea foam, wearing a corset with a peplum shaped like a giant seashell and a skirt with a train reminiscent of a huge fish's tail.

The custom-made voluminous dress from Louis Vuitton, crafted from silk jacquard cockle cloth, is adorned with embossed moiré shell pattern.

For making the corset with a straight neckline and voluminous peplum, you can use the pattern:

To achieve the shell-shaped peplum, a little modeling should be done:


·         Divide the pattern into a larger number of pieces

·         Lengthen the pieces and add extension to the wedges

Then, it is necessary to sew a trial mock-up, put it on a mannequin, and refine the shape of the peplum. To reinforce the peplum and give it shape, use rigilene boning and reinforcing materials. The skirt has a straight silhouette with a small train. For cutting the front part, you can use a bell-skirt pattern, removing the expansion on the side.

For the back part, the pattern should be divided into several pieces to add extension and lengthening in the wedges.

The following courses will assist you in sewing this dress:

Or you are welcome to join the Bespoke Couture Accelerator course for learning all the necessary sewing and pattern making skills for just $4.99 per week.

Yours truly, Tatiana Kozorovitsky


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