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How to make your own wedding collection?

Hello, sewing enthusiasts!

In this article I'm going to review the collection of a famous fashion house BERTA - Athens 2019 (fall-winter 2019)

Beautiful, isn't it? It's hard to believe, but for ALL the gowns in this collection were made using only 3 patterns!

This is very pragmatic! Using the techniques of decoration on the same basis creates the splendor of a variety of images and styles!

As an example, I'll talk about this larger part of Berta's 2019 collection:

All of these incredible gowns are made using only ONE same pattern.

This pattern is available in the courses:


Two bones in the center? Not a problem! Stitch two drawstrings between the cups.

Are two bones apart? Put on the mock-up of the corset on the mannequin, cut the central part and spread for 1-2 cm.

Look at the fit of the cup. Usually, nothing has to be changed in the pattern.

If pushing apart more, just cut the desired shape in the center.

Now, let's see how the backs of the dresses looks:

On the top line of examples, no comments needed - the backs of all dresses are like twins.

The first two dresses from the second line are also the same (plus or minus the height).

For the next two dresses, the shape of the back is modeled taking into account the attachment of straps.

Well, the back of the last dress is made with the technique from "Nude Wedding Dress" course. The corset from the front ended at the level of the side seam and the back made of the illusion mesh.

The situation with the skirts is the same. The first five:

One and the same form: cut out fish. All the same, copy-paste.

What is the difference?

  • different number of layers

  • different degree of assembly at the seam

  • different volumes - the sun, 2/3 of the sun, 2 suns ...

Let's look at the last five:

The situation is similar. The four dresses differ only in the volume of skirts the sun. And the last skirt (in the middle of the collage) is straight with a half-sun train inserted in the back seam ("Nude Wedding Dress").

I'm often being asked: how to create my first collection? How to fill an empty store?

Here is a striking example of one of the collections!

Sharpen your skills on ONE relevant model. Get the perfect quality!

Do not rush into all the technologies, but memorize one so that with closed eyes you know how each node is processed.

If you are looking for a way to improve your results, now is the perfect time to join Corset Academy membership!

Believing in your success,

Tatiana Kozorovitsky



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