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"I started experimenting and learning with Tatiana’s courses and here I am today"

I started my sewing journey 2 years ago and shortly after my now husband proposed.

I quickly knew that I wanted a very special wedding dress but our budget wouldn’t allow for it and I didn’t have the skills to make it myself yet.

After a lot of research, in March 2022 I found the Dressmaking Academy (Corset Academy). It seemed too good to be true but I had nothing to lose. I started experimenting and learning with Tatiana’s courses and here I am today.

The lessons were very easy to follow as everything is explained step by step. I started making my own wedding dress(es) in July 2022 and I can now proudly say that I made and wore two(!!) one of a kind couture gowns on my most special day. I cannot describe how proud and satisfied I am.

Thank you Tatiana, for making my dream come true.

I made two very different dresses. I really wanted a vintage inspired beaded dress that wasn’t white. The beaded fabric posed a whole different level of difficulty and challenge but the result is so worth it. For the wedding, we had taken dance classes for our first dance, so I knew I had to make something that would allow for a lot of movement. For this garment, I decided to use a pleating and gathering technique to allow the dress to flow so beautifully while dancing. This is only the beginning of my journey. There’s still so much more I need to learn from Tatiana. I’m forever grateful to have found The Dressmaking Academy.



Tugba Citak




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