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"I decided, I will make my own wedding dress"

"Being stuck during Corona Lockdown in spring 2020, I decided to start something I never found the time for: sewing.

So I ordered a sewing machine and basic online course and started sewing facial masks. Around the same time my husband proposed to me.

When I was shopping for a wedding dress in August that year, seeing that with every dress I would have to make compromises I thought: Why pay a lot of money for a dress with still mostly cheap fabric that would not be exactly as I want it.

So I decided, I will make my own wedding dress. Of course being more or less a beginner, I struggled a lot and ended up paying at least the same amount for fabrics, sewing machines, online tutorials and the hours I spent as I would have for buying a dress in a bridal shop.

But not only did I get the exact dress I wanted with high quality fabrics, but also I learned so much about sewing but also patience to keep going even, if something doesn't work right away.

The Dressmaking Academy (Corset Academy) courses were exactly what I needed and I have not found anything that compares to the level of detail. I could not have done it without the course and I will do more dresses and corsets based on the courses for sure!"

Katharina Meier




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