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Preparing Corset Cup Parts for Sewing | Bustier Corset Tutorial #3

I will deal with the front piece later and now I will prepare the cup pieces.

I place the neoprene and mesh pieces together. To avoid mixing up and turning over the cup pieces I place the neoprene pieces symmetrically with the marks toward me, arrange the lace pieces as the neoprene pieces, remove pins from the pattern and put the lace pieces on the neoprene pieces facing up. I secure the pieces with pins in a correct position.




I do the same with the second lower cup pieces. I position the paper pattern according to the marking, place the pattern in front of me as a tip, check the right side of the lace pieces and place them on the neoprene pieces. I make sure that the pieces are arranged correctly and pin them.

Upper cup. If your scallops on the upper cup are ready, i.e. you have a beautiful edge, you can skip this step and move on to the next one.

My task is to sew the additional scallops. I unpin the lace pieces from the paper patterns, place the additional scallop and pin it. It is necessary to carefully monitor the right sides of the pieces. I do the same on the second piece to achieve the symmetricity.

I handstitch the scallop with fine stitches to each piece and cut off the excess lace.

So, I add the scallops and trim their edge. I think it looks a lot better this way.

I place the lace upper pieces over the neoprene pieces and pin them together.

So, we prepared all the cup pieces and we are ready to join neoprene with lace. First of all, we need to arrange them correctly and finally pin together. It is very convenient to use the paper patterns as a sample how the ready cup pieces should look, where it is necessary to leave open seam allowance as, for example, on the lower cup along the curve 2-3.

When the pieces are fully matched I join lace and neoprene with hand stitches. Lace should not be pierced through, but should be tacked to the upper layer of neoprene with sliding motions.




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