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Dressmaking Academy literally changed my life!

Elena Aryamova

Abakan, Russia.

"Dressmaking Academy literally changed my life!

First time I found out about Dressmaking Academy (then "Corset Academy") back in 2010.

I was at maternity leave and sewing was my side job from home. One of my clients asked me to make her a wedding dress with built-in corset. Back then I had no idea how to do it, so I went looking for the information to the web. But I couldn't find anything useful, everything seemed so hard and complicated.

Only Tatiana Kozorovitsky's technique was easy enough to understand for the beginner like me (at the time).

My very first corset came out almost perfect! From the first time!

My client was very happy, and I overcame the fear of making wedding gowns!

Naturally, I began getting more and more orders, my business began to grow and I opened a Bridal Salon.

In 2012 I attended Tatiana's live 3-day workshop in Russia and in 2014 live Corset Academy 2-week course in Israel.

I'm living a dream, because I do what I love! That is the greatest thing!

I want to share with you some of the garments, that I and my team create using Corset Academy techniques.

Thank you!"

Check out Elena's Instagram account - @elena_aryamova



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