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"After completion of the course I was already a pro."

"Before joining Dressmaking Academy (former Corset Academy), I used to be so scared and clueless about making corset wears.

I was just randomly searching for corset books on the internet and then i saw the corset academy website, i clicked the link and checked out the page, i was amazed because the page was very welcoming and left me with no choice than to be a member, i just knew that i was going to gain a lot from the amazing academy and so I signed up, i partook in the corset making course.

After completion of the course i was already a pro.

Cutting corset came easy for me , corset academy as really changed my mindset and sewing game as i now make master piece corset wears.

Corset academy taught me to be positive

Corset academy made sewing easy for me

Corset academy is welcoming

In corset academy, you really get value for your money

I also would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to corset academy for giving me and a lot of designers this life changing opportunity, it really is rare.

God bless and progress corset academy for the amazing things they do".

Adeosun Esther Fiyinfoluwa Nigeria



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