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Sewing a Bustier Corset DIY #1 Pattern and cutting

Hello dear sewing enthusiasts!

Welcome to the free sewing tutorial on making a bustier corset by yourself DIY.

I attach a pattern, made for the American size 6 to these tutorials.


In this mini-course I won’t show how to alter or custom this pattern after a specific size. This topic is covered in detail in our training programs.

I strongly recommend to all novices to start their exciting journey to the world of corsets with ready-made patterns.

You should know how a corset is sewn before you can understand how its pattern is drafted.

You are welcome to our training programs if you want to learn the drafting in detail and the professional sewing tricks.

Now let’s get started.

Corset pattern and necessary materials.

So, let’s start to make our corset.

First of all, print the pattern, which consists of 6 sheets.

This pattern contains seam allowances. Now I will explain briefly where I provide for seam allowances on the corset pieces.

Seam allowance comprises 1.2 cm along the upper and lower vertical curves of all the pieces.


corset bustier pattern

The cradle has seam allowance of 0.7 cm.

Seam allowance of the main cup pieces, which are cut from lining and lace, is also 0.7 cm. The upper cut of the cup has 1.5 cm of seam allowance for lining. There is no seam allowance for scalloped lace trims. I will explain that when cutting.

corset pattern download

The cup pieces, which we cut from neoprene (you can also use underwear foam) have seam allowances along the whole cradle line. Please note that the outer lower cup is absolutely similar to the respective piece from lace or lining. However, the inner lower cup made of neoprene has a slightly different shape: seam allowance along the curve is cut off. The upper cup is also slightly changed: seam allowance along the joining line of the upper and lower cup and along the upper edge of the piece is cut off.

Now I’m going to tell you about materials and tools, which we need.

So, what materials do we need for the corset making?

First of all, it is corset mesh. It is also called marquisette. It is sheer nylon mesh, which stretches slightly on crosswise grain and it doesn’t stretch on lengthwise grain. We need about 0.5 m of this mesh.

Lace. There are no limitations here. You can choose any lace you like. It is desirable that it is thin and delicate. It is compulsory to have scalloped edge as the corset cup will have protruding scallops. We will also need 0.5 m of this lace.

I will use neoprene for the cup. It is elastic fabric, which is about 2 mm thick and it stretches in all directions. We will need about 10 cm of this fabric. You can use underwear foam if neoprene is unavailable.

You can use any white fabric for lining. There are no limitations. You can use the leftovers or patches of any white fabric. You will need about 10 cm if you use a single piece of fabric.

We will need about 2.5 m of bone casing. It is the tape, which is sold as bra accessories to insert metallic bones for cups. In addition, we will use this bone casing as tunnels for plastic bones.

Of course, we will need two metallic bones of 36 size.

We will also need about 20 cm of a hook and eye tape for fastening.

I will use an elastic tape with scallops for finishing the upper edge of the corset. We will need about 0.5 m of such tape.

2 cm wide tape is necessary to finish the corset bottom, which will also serve as a band. We will need 60 cm of such tape.

And finally we need 0.5 cm wide plastic bones. These bones are sold per meter and we need about 2 m.