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A big thank you for joining our contest!

We were blown away by the 800 photos from 35+ countries - truly amazing!

This year we received an array of magnificent entries for the competition.

We're truly grateful for the warm feedback we've received from all of you.

Some of your feedbacks tell whole stories about how your businesses grew, touching tales of how you joined the academy and shared your successes.

I want to emphasize the immense effort, time, and persistence invested in attaining this knowledge.

Every submitted piece speaks volumes about the experience gained and the ability to creatively blend various sewing techniques.

Thank you for your achievements! I take great pride in our members!

These stories helped me get to know you better. Looking at your work, I was amazed by the creativity and clever ideas. Selecting the winners was a tough challenge.

We sought a blend of creatively applied learned techniques, impeccable execution, and the ability to overcome challenges.

Without further ado...

Drumroll, please...

Allow us to proudly present the winners:


Greta Skripkauskaitė, Lithuania

Greta is receiving recognition for 5 dresses: two for her own wedding, one for her sister, one for her mom, and a wedding dress for her friend.

All of these dresses are absolutely stunning! Greta has an amazing sense of proportion, tailoring each one to perfection for every individual.

Every craftsman knows that the 'simple' clean-cut dresses are the most challenging.

No frills, no ruffles, and no bulky decorations. Greta showcased her expertise on several outfits at once.

The bride's friend's dress sets the standard for the perfect balance of sleeve and skirt volumes. The lines of the ensemble are precise and flawless. Nothing is superfluous! The technique and fit on a complex figure are executed flawlessly.

Here's how Greta describes her work:

"Just as I applied for the membership of the Dressmaking Academy I got engaged. "Voilà! my first bridal gown will be my own wedding dress" I thought, but my actual first client was my dear friend, who came to me and trusted me to create her wedding dress.

The dress was all from separates: a puff sleeve organza top with an open back, removable full-circle skirt (and another shorter half-circle skirt) and full-length plus size corset.

To be honest, it was quite a challenge, but I followed your instructions and made my very first custom-made corset which came out perfect on my first try and no adjustments were needed!"

Her very first wedding dress is an absolute masterpiece!

Greta poured her heart and soul into perfecting the skirt's look. She started with a half-sized mock-up, then crafted a full-scale paper model on the crinoline, ensuring the pattern was spot on.

And as you can see, her efforts paid off - the skirt is breathtaking!

Just like the perfect bodice.

The draping on her mom's dress is simply exquisite!

Those lowered straps, so often requested by clients! It's a challenge to strike the right balance between comfort and arm space. Yet, Greta managed to find the sweet spot in dresses for her sister and mom.

The fit, the technical execution, and the overall finished look are flawless!


Joda Niemand, South Africa

Even though we received many bustier corset entries, this dress really shines with its impeccable craftsmanship and pure elegance.

I was truly charmed by the clean lines, perfect fit, and the exact, flawless execution of the technique.

On top of it all, the story shared by the author revealed the journey of overcoming unexpected challenges.

"We got fabric at a local fabric shop, and did not know how I will stitch with it, since I have a domestic Bernina sewing machine.

The fabric is a bit stiff and there was the possibility of scratching her under her arm. I used the main fabric on the outside and covered the pattern piece under her arm with a thin mesh layer to prevent scratching.

You couldn't even see it. I lined it with two layers of mesh. I also added thin plastic bones, but replaced it with the sewable white boning which I covered with lining. It was more sturdy for the soft mesh panels. I added a skirt with a slit on the middle of her right leg, A-lined skirt at front. Not a slit on the side seam, like you advised on your videos. I added a fishtail skirt at back , but the side seam was also A-line skirt like you advised your video.

It came out amazing and she loved it!

She got so many compliments and the girls already asked me to make their dresses for next year!"


Stefanie Godden, UK

The story of this dress made me see it in a completely different light.

"This was the first dress I did using your methods and it worked out really well. I explained what measurements my client needed to take and everything was done via email and zoom calls.

She is from Texas and I'm in the UK.

The dress fitted her well and she was so happy with the result.

Dress made from black and white duchess satin and a crepe back satin lining. Black lace hand sewn to the bodice and glued onto the train".

Picture this - this dress was made from afar, without any fittings on the client!

With a tricky figure, a unique cut featuring lowered straps and sleeves, and a flawless fit without a single try-on!

Stefanie turned the dreams of a client from a whole different continent into reality.

You can argue about the colors choice, but it can be anything (white, red, blue, black), but it was the client's choice and Stefanie embraced every wish about the style, and skillfully made them come alive, all while keeping things in perfect balance to enhance the overall look.

Kudos and a big cheer for Stefanie's boldness in taking on and acing this special order!

Congratulations to the winners! Make sure to check your email inbox!

Once again we want to say THANK YOU to all of the participants! 

You are amazing! 

By looking at your amazing works, we can proudly say that you are all winners!

Scroll down to see all the submissions. It's worth it!

Please be patient and give the page a moment or two to load :)


Tatiana Kozorovitsky and the Dressmaking Academy team