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First of all, we would like to THANK YOU for participating in our contest!

We received almost 800 photos from over 40 countries!!! This is incredible!
Each submission tells an amazing story of creativity and fulfillment.


Choosing the winners was the most difficult task.

We took into account the combination of creativity in the use of Corset Academy techniques and the quality of execution.

We could not agree on three winners, so we decided to give additional prizes.

... [drumroll] ...

And the winners are:


Masterful use of fabrics and seemingly incompatible materials.

Creative design of textures and color combinations.

Exquisite embroidery and appliqué.

Thoughtful fashion looks and perfect fit.

Clean and high quality execution.

Galina Tolkacheva

Agbovie Theophilia Edinam

Olga Muratova