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"Our studio "Grace & TanniK" has been operating for 10 years, and this owes much to you"

For many years, I have honed my skill in crafting corsetry, a skill I acquired by studying your courses.

This monumental experience in crafting corsetry has allowed many women to feel like queens.

Creating dresses based on your patterns, we bestowed joy upon girls, young women, and ladies. The ability to sculpt one's figure with a corset brought indescribable delight to those who had lost hope in facing themselves in the mirror.

This became our primary mission: mine, as the creator of the pieces, and my daughter Tatiana's, as the designer and creator of the finishing touches in ornamentation.

Our creations have traveled to different parts of the world, graced runways at competitions, appeared in magazines, and been used in rentals for various events.

Our Dress-studio "Grace & TanniK" has been actively operating for 10 years, and this owes much to you as our mentor and teacher!

I would like to take this opportunity to express immense gratitude for your hard work, for the knowledge you impart, and for the simplicity and clarity of your lessons.

Thank you!

May your school continue to flourish, providing knowledge to those in need and reaping the fruits of gratitude from your numerous students! Wishing you health, peace, and prosperity.

With deep respect, Albina and my daughter Tatiana.



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