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OSCARS 2021 - Red carpet gowns sewing technique review (PART 2)

Hi everyone!

Due to the success of my previous Oscars dresses review I decided to make another one just for you!

Here we go: OSCARS 2021 - Red carpet gowns sewing technique review. PART 2.

  • Maria Bakalova in Louis Vuitton

  • Amanda Seyfried in Armani Privé

  • Margot Robbie in Chanel

  • Paulina Porizkova (unknown designer)

I'm going to begin with Maria Bakalova in Louis Vuitton and Amanda Seyfried in Armani Privé

By creating these dresses, the designers probably wanted to tell us that there is never enough tulle!

In one of the reviews, I read that it took about 100 meters of tulle on Maria's dress.

And it looks reasonable if you don’t use a crinoline petticoat.

You can see for yourself if you set the parameters for such a skirt (Full Gathered Skirt/Princess Skirt) in the Software table. To achieve the desired volume, you will have to connect up to 10 upper layers of the skirt and, to create a flared shape, you need to wear a petticoat with ruffles sewn onto it under the skirt.

I will not go into details, because if you are not familiar with the Software, it would be hard to understand.

For our members who finished the Skirts and Petticoats class, everything should be clear:

I set the sector angle = 183, because on the first tab of the same table, I chose the length of the bottom of the hem of the skirt 450 cm. From this, the table indicated to me the value of the angle of the sector.

This, perhaps, was only one subtle point. Everything else is simple and straightforward:

  • Waist circumference = 66 cm

  • I choose the standard length of the skirt = 120 cm

  • I took the gathering coefficients on the petticoat from 8 to 10

  • Fabric width 150 cm

I use such large coefficients because the skirt does not have a crinoline with rings. And, consequently, a thin and delicate tulle must be assembled on ruffles for the skirt to receive the required volume.

And here you are, we get a fabric consumption of 94, 5, almost 100 meters!

Everyone who is just going to join the VIP membership, there is detailed explanations for each line in the Software in the course "Wedding Skirts and Petticoats".

The Software will give all the necessary dimensions for cutting any wedding skirt. Save hours of complicated calculations and get accurate results in seconds. Moreover, looking at the fabric consumption, you can easily predict the budget for the order.

The bodice of this dress can be cut out according to the pattern from the course "Wedding Dress with sleeves."

Your only task is to change the width of the strap and the shape of the neckline.

Amanda Seyfried's Armani Privé dress has the same bodice pattern as the previous gown. As well as for Marina Bakalova's dress, we choose a pattern from the course " Wedding Dress with sleeves."

The only difference is that the top of the strap should be cut off, leaving the cup line high.

The shape of the skirt is achieved by a special crinoline petticoat.

How to calculate all the parameters and how to sew it, you will find this the course “Umbrella cut ball gown skirt”.

The following dresses are similar in sewing method as well.

  • Margot Robbie at Chanel

  • Paulina Porizkova (designer unknown)

I am fascinated by the look of Margot Robbie in this chic dress. It makes her silver-blue eyes shine.

Dress with an extremely simple silhouette. As they say, take the pattern and sew!

How to get this fit without darts? Try my side seam formula: Kozorovitsky's formula.

Of course, the dress has a secret! Let's take a closer look at its fabric texture on a high resolution photo.

Between the flowers, we clearly see a fine mesh. Separate mirrored flowers are skillfully applied to the elastic lace fabric of the ready-made dress, covering the seams of the reliefs. Exclusive delicate handwork!

There is a slight flare in the center back seam.

Less is more! No decorative elements! Only a delicate edging of scallops along the top of the dress and three modest buttons in the center of the bodice.

This simplicity is the real art. Try to find the side seams on the skirt! Write in the comments if you guessed where they are!

This dress is grace itself, doesn’t it?

And Paulina Porizkova’s dress.