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OSCARS 2021 - Red carpet gowns sewing technique review (PART 1)

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony took place on April 25, 2021 and it did not disappoint!

I think this year's dresses to be some of the BEST EVER. Classics and modernity intertwined in their best combination.

Surprisingly despite various forecasts, the Red carpet was filled with corset dresses. Moreover, almost all the highlighted by the media gowns are corset-based.

Interestingly, the dresses are divided into crop tops and bras on the one hand, and closed neck dresses on the other. For a long time, there was no such intense contracts.

Another distinctive feature is color. Most designers have followed the path of brightness and solidity of color. Even the decor elements are made in monochrome: blue sequins on a blue dress, red ones on red ones, and gold ones on gold.

The primary colors of the night are gold, red, blue, white and dazzling neon shades of yellow and orange.

I was especially pleased with the cleanliness of the lines and the "readability" of the sewing techniques.

I’m 100% certain that you will be able to make all the dresses from this review! I will guide you to specific courses from the library, so you know where to look for a specific technique.

So here we go.


Regina King in Louis Vuitton

A magical silk dress with luxurious ruffles on the shoulders that can be compared to the wings of a butterfly.

The shape of these three-dimensional pieces can be maintained with a dense nylon mesh.

A detail from this mesh is cut out in the form of a shuttlecock and then cleanly sealed between two layers of silk.

The dress has a classic design with a one-piece shoulder strap.

The seams of the dress reliefs are decorated with embroidery with rhinestones. The elegant design, perfectly matched color and a little sparkle make this dress truly royal.

You will find the pattern and all the sewing method in the course "Wedding dress with sleeves", which is included in the VIP plan.

Viola Davis in Alexander McQueen

Luxurious dress made using the guilloche technique.

At first glance, it may seem that it consists of one airy openwork layer.

In fact, it is a classic corset-based dress. The base color is matched exactly to the skin color. Hence the illusion of transparency of the lace.

The dress has an elongated corset to the hip line, with attached chiffon skirt.

To get that many folds along the bottom, the upper skirt has at least two circles in its cut.

It's hard to believe, but for all the sophistication, this dress is very simple to make.

A beginner will be able to "master" it.

In the PRO / VIP program, in one of the first practical classes, students sew a dress, which is a basis for this "red carpet gown"! (the class "Wedding Dress with Deep Neckline and Whole-Piece Train” for the Wedding and Evening Dresses program).

Here is a technical drawing of this dress:

We use a dress pattern only up to the hip line and choose the color of the fabric for sewing: nude or whatever suits your design.

For the skirt we cut out two "suns"(circles) and sew them into one canvas. Sew the skirt to the bottom of the corset.

Then, using a pyrography device for burning on fabric (guilloche), we create the upper openwork layer of the dress and shoulder straps.

In the course “Crop-Top Dress” available for all the VIP members you will learn how to burn on fabric, what device, how to create a pattern and much more.

PART 2: Twin Dresses

I combined these 3 dresses together and called them “sisters” (or “twins”)

  • Angela Bassett in Alberta Ferretti

  • Nicole Robinson (Nicolette Robinson) in Zuhair Murad

  • Halle Berry at Dolce & Gabbana

The design of all these 3 dresses is based on one pattern, the same sewing technique and the same decorating principle.

What makes them different?

  • Different fabrics: color and texture

  • Different design of shoulder straps: lush (Angela Bassett - red dress), thin (Nicolette Robinson - black dress) and no (Halle Berry - lilac dress)

  • Skirts: straight (Angela Bassett), half sun (Nicolette Robinson) and full sun (Halle Berry)

What is the magic pattern that goes for these luxurious gowns?

This is the pattern "Wedding Dress with a deep neckline and whole-piece train." Even a beginner can make this dress. All our PRO and VIP members start with it. The pattern even comes as a gift in the free BEGINNER course.

It is extremely easy to adjust it to any size, it’s good for thin or plus-size ladies as well.

The pattern, in all respects, is universal.

Well, now, let's dwell on the details.

Luxurious red dress from the design house Alberta Ferretti.